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Ray French

Crop Advisor at Whipple Effect, Partner at Psychonaut Genetics

Ray French is one of the top horticultural business leaders in the United States and around the world.  He led the product development and innovation for live goods for The Home Depot in The United States and Canada for over 16 years growing their sales to over 1 billion dollars annually.  After graduating from Auburn University specializing in Nursery Crop Production, he has propagated 100s of millions of plants and patented over 20 new introductions.  He was a scoring judge for MMJ for the state of Florida on retainer by KPMG.  


He led the Research Division and Business development for Front Range Biosciences producing millions of young plants and seed for the Hemp and California Cannabis markets winning the game changer award in 2019 from MJBiz, patented 4 hemp and cannabis innovations, and forging international partnerships collecting and evaluating hemp and cannabis genetics from around the world.  His work with the 0.0 THC high CBG Panakiea from Valencia and the license to breed High THC and Hemp from the Spanish government was groundbreaking. His breeding and understanding of cannabinoids and terpenes have proven effective in producing high quality genetics highlighting many cannabinoids in addition to THC.


He is currently CEO for Oscity LLC in Foley Alabama. Their operations include a 300 acre hemp farm in Alabama and one of the largest hemp extraction facilities in the country manufacturing hemp oils and finished products. Ray is also working with high THC breeding and on the scientific advisory panel for Jack Whipple and the Whipple Effect team breeding Psychonaut genetics

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