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Cannabis Cultivation
Design + Build

The Indoor Advantage

Growing cannabis indoors gives you the opportunity to monitor and control every stage in the cultivation process. A properly designed facility coupled with the right equipment and monitoring technology can result in consistently high-quality-high-yield harvests. With experience designing 250,000+ sqft of blueprints, strategic supplier relationships, and a proven track record consulting multiple teams of engineers, architects, and general contractors, we have the expertise it takes to design your building into a cannabis cultivation powerhouse.  

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Laying The Groundwork
For A Successful Harvest
Discuss, Design,
and Develop


Cultivation goals vary from business to business. Working together in this early stage assures that your goals will stay prioritized throughout the moving parts of the process, saving time and money. Expect an effective discussion as to the optimal facility design, equipment selection, and monitoring technology you should implement given your situation.


We provide facility calculation spreadsheets, floor plans, irrigation room details, and an interior finish map​ to guide your team on finalized blueprints. Collaborating with and providing your architects and engineers with these resources is the most effective way to reach a permitted set of plans.


We assist in selecting, sourcing, and ordering all equipment and supplies necessary for operations. We make sure you walk away understanding how your facility operates most efficiently and effectively. From your irrigation system to your monitoring technologies, you will have a holistic understanding of the equipment in place.

Here's What You'll Get From Us

A Facility That Meets Your Needs

No two cultivation facilities are alike. We cater our approach to your business goals, keeping your profitability and success as our priority.

Cultivation Expertise

We know what it takes to build out and run a successful operation. Whether it's answering your questions or providing multiple equipment options, we are here to save you time and money.

A Comprehensive Set of Plans

Expect nothing to be left out or up to chance when it comes to your facility design. 

A Collaborative Approach

Most good things come from multiple sources. Collaborating with your team of stakeholders, architects, and engineers saves time, money, and means no one is left in the dark.

You'll Work With A Responsive Team

No unreturned emails or days without hearing from us. You will get our personal cell numbers. Our members stick around because we deliver great results and are easy to get a hold of.

Technology You Can Count On

The most advanced technology isn't always the right fit. Not only will you be able to understand the guts of your operation, you will be set up to thrive.

Operational Readiness

We are committed to every last detail of your facility. That includes making sure all the specifics that might not be including in the blueprints are finalized.

Access To A Network Of Industry Professionals

At the top, everyone collaborates. Joining our team automatically plugs you into our supply chain of dispensaries, breeders, suppliers, investors, and scientific advisors. Send your staff to one of our bi-annual cultivation summits for a weekend of healthy activities, keynote speeches from industry leaders, communication workshops, and evening entertainment.

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