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Jody Gold

MSOD, PCC, PMP; Culture and Leadership Coach at Whipple Effect

Managing Partner, The Way We Can

Jody marries executive coaching and organizational development expertise to help clients become more conscious, connected, and capable leaders. His approach has grown over thirty years working as a successful educator and catalyst for individual and collective action.Jody’s focus is helping leaders and organizations understand increasingly complex challenges more accurately, align to take effective action together, and achieve outcomes that move missions forward. Leaders become better able to co-create trust and alignment to propel results in their teams and across organizational boundaries. Teams and organizations become better able to solve current challenges and accelerate their ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Executives become more agile and able to advance their leadership capabilities, teams, and emerging leaders.


Jody has co-designed and delivered culture and leadership development programs for fortune 500 companies, non-profits, art and educational institutions, and government agencies. He has:

  • Coached senior leaders to shift culture from fear and factionalism to trust, willingness to take risks, and innovation...leading to higher engagement, more substantive conversations, higher profits, and greater impact.

  • Cultivated deep change in how tech innovation teams work internally. In one client’s words, “People who were previously silent spoke up more. Solutions that were dismissed got a hearing. More work got done. The surplus of health on individual teams made collaboration across teams easier. Time-to-market for new product ideas shrank. The business effect was visible across tens and later hundreds of product launches.”

  • Mobilized the collective intelligence of renewable energy executives whose company’s growth was constrained by conflict between what marketing promised and what engineering could deliver. Reduced intensity of conflict and division, enabling members of cross-functional team to defend less and listen more. Helped clients synthesize ideas to find novel engineering solutions to deliver quality within specs and timeframe, at significantly lower delivered cost.

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