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Jack Whipple

Founder and CEO of Whipple Effect, Psychonaut Genetics, The CCI Book, and A Sacred Trip

Jack Whipple is a serial entrepreneur who has been working with cannabis since the age of 15.  Jack is also a passionate advocate for psychedelic plant medicine and believes that these plants are the catalyst to revolutionize the field of mental health.  Jack is the founding CEO of Whipple Effect, Psychonaut Genetics, The CCI Book, and A Sacred Trip.  He also is an angel investor in his brother Mark’s golf company, Evolution Putting.

Jack is a member of Trailblazers, Summit, and the Mankind Project.  Jack believes that the most special parts in life are in human connection and loves to collaborate with friends in these networking groups!  He is a certified breathwork practitioner and reiki healer.  These two forms of energy work have deeply impacted his life in healing and manifesting dreams into reality.  He intends to continue sharing these gifts with others so they may have their own experiences with the magic.

Jack has taken the road less traveled and learned business and cannabis by trial and error…learning the hard way.   Before Whipple Effect, Jack was the founding COO of 5 commercial cannabis cultivation facilities. Growing up in Indiana with his mother being a lawyer and her father being the Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, cannabis was a serious taboo and not accepted by his family.  This eventually led to Jack getting locked up in a correctional boy’s school in Provo Utah.

Nevertheless, Jack believed in his mission and stayed the course.  Jack started his first business in Boulder, CO, three weeks after Amendment 64 had been instated, which allowed for recreational wholesale of flower by a stand alone cultivation facility.  He then started a cultivation facility in California when Proposition 64 passed and legalized recreational cannabis.  Whipple Effect has now partnered and designed a facility with one of the first license holders in Thailand as they just passed recreational cannabis, making them the first country in Asia to legalize.  Jack’s dedication to the plant and belief that cannabis is here as a revolution to the consciousness of humanity has allowed him to stay the course as a pioneer in the emerging global cannabis industry.

Jack Whipple

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