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Andrew Vaca

Partner of Whipple Effect, The CCI Book, and Psychonaut Genetics. Lead Geneticist. Co-Author of The CCI Book

Andy Vaca has always had a deep connection to cannabis. Andy established himself early in the cannabis industry.  Throughout his 20+ years in the industry he has been involved in all aspects of the business. From cultivation, to post harvest, to sales, he also went on to start Motavate, a solvent-less extraction processing and consulting company, which is still operational and has started rosin programs with the majority of Whipple Effect’s clients over the last 3 years.. Andy has also been able to experience the cannabis  industry in California as it has gone from fully illegal, to medical, to recreationally legal. All while being fortunate enough to work alongside his older brother Nick.

Andy has also had another passion throughout these years, his love for food. Andy enjoyed a 6 year culinary career before deciding to pursue cannabis full time. However he is still “feeding” his culinary desires through traveling and dining adventures with his wife.

Being one of the founding members of Whipple Effect, Andy has been working with Jack Whipple since Jack first came to California when the California recreational market first opened up. During his time with Jack, Andy has helped hire, train, and build teams of hard working skilled cultivators. He has helped develop cultivation practices and assisted in making Whipple Effect what it is today. Andy is currently the genetics director for Whipple Effect, co-author of The CCI Book, and partner in Psychonaut Genetics.

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