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Alex Gummer

Partner and Co-Founder of The CCI Book. Graphic Designer and Creative Director of Whipple Effect, The CCI Book, and Psychonaut Genetics

Alex Gummer has been a professional designer since before he graduated from Indiana University in 2011. He has always had a passion in art and design and enjoys working with others to create and develop brands from scratch or pushing established companies to the next level. Having helped create many company brands and working on a rebrand of a fortune 100 company from beginning to end, he has the experience to take your idea from start to finished product. During college, he began on screen designing for a PBS studio, then was lead designer at a sign company working with a large number of clients directly. This is when he really began to help companies develop their brand and see design concepts from start to finish. Designing and working directly with large scale printers he was able to help new and old companies develop and create engaging marketing concepts. Because of his passion for design and idea creation he was always willing to jump in and help these companies find their brand. Shortly before moving to Colorado in 2013 he began working for a Magazine company, designing multiple magazine publications a week for a national organization, and magazines being seen all around the nation. 

Once in Colorado he began working and designing for Transamerica, a large financial company and worked with them for many years. Working for them and with different agencies to develop an entire rebrand for the large established company. During and since then he has helped numerous businesses get started creating and further developing their brand. He loves to work with other companies directly to develop something specific for them and their audience. 

Alex has a long history with Jack Whipple, from working at Subway together in college, to branding Jack’s short real estate career at Coldwell Banker, to helping him start the majority of his cannabis enterprises. He grew cannabis with Jack in the early years in Boulder, CO and has watched the cannabis industry evolve.  Alex has been the lead designer for all of Jack’s cannabis companies to date. He and Jack first started developing The CCI Book three years ago, where it first was made into an online training website, before turning it into its own company and published textbook/field guide.

Alex Gummer

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