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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We have a team full of experts, passionate in their field.


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Our Story

Whipple Effect

Founded by

Jack Whipple


Whipple Effect is a consulting firm founded by Jack Whipple who is hyper-focused in indoor commercial cannabis cultivation. With 15 years of experience in cannabis, we have decided to centralize our knowledge and focus into helping companies build united teams, understand cultivation science, organize and track data, and grow world class genetics. We know what it takes to bridge the gap from grower to owner, assisting your team in making clear and profitable decisions along the way. Working with us means you are looking to produce a high-quality-high-yield product while making sure your team has the skills and knowledge in place to succeed in the long run.


We believe that the cannabis plant is important to the world for many different reasons. From medicine, to spiritual journeys, to a healthier way to enjoy recreational time spent with friends. Our purpose is to promote and support the global cannabis movement by teaching and inspiring teams to grow at the highest level, providing a foundation for companies to scale, exemplifying leadership in the community, and creating new genetics.

Hear more about Jack's story and his passion for cannabis on the Thinking Outside The Bud podcast.

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