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Cannabis Cultivation Operations & Management

Successfully operating a large, indoor, commercial cannabis operation is incredibly rewarding. Whipple Effect offers solutions, guidance, and support that will help you do just that. Working with us means you are looking to produce a high-quality-high-yield product while making sure your team has ongoing training and support to ensure long term success.

Optimizing Your Business


We know what it takes to maximize operational efficiencies while guiding your team to success. Our Cultivation Processing Instructions (CPI's), environmental data monitoring, and harvest reporting immediately puts you at an operational advantage. 


Personalized training, site visits, and a reliable and experienced point of contact are all aimed to improve your current state of operations. We have the skill, knowledge, experience, and team to take your business to the next level.


From people to plants, our model pushes the boundaries of cannabis. We never lose site of your team and the ethos we are building as we all work together to consistently produce quality plants that yield strong profits. Our model has been proven to increase profits, streamline efficiencies, and maximize yield with all of our clients. 


Here's What You'll Get From Us


Cultivation Expertise

We show up ready to make an immediate impact. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and skill to move your operations forward, track your data, train your team, improve your genetic library, and keep your garden clean and healthy.​

A Data Driven Approach

No more guessing. Every step of our process is calculated. From temperature, to humidity, to light levels, to plant densities, down to the ml of water that each plant is fed. Everything is calculated and measured. Our process is derived from the science of the big agriculture industry. Everything is calculated and measured. These set points are scalable, teachable, and have a proven track record of outstanding results.

You'll Work With A Responsive Team

You can expect daily support. No unreturned emails or days without hearing from us. Your cultivation manager will be assigned one of our consultants as their go to point of contact. Our clients stick around because we deliver great results and are available and ready to help.

Technology You Can Count On

The most advanced technology isn't always the right fit. Not only will you be able to understand the guts of your operation, you will be set up to thrive. Our Cultivation Process Instructions have guides on how to use each technology platform that is a part of our cultivation program. We like to keep things simple and precise.

Access To A Network Of Industry Professionals

At the top, everyone collaborates. Joining our team automatically plugs you into our supply chain of dispensaries, breeders, suppliers, investors, and scientific advisors. Send your staff to one of our bi-annual cultivation summits for a weekend of healthy activities, keynote speeches from industry leaders, communication workshops, and evening entertainment.

What can we do for you?
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