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Ronnie Harris

Partner and President of Whipple Effect

Ronnie Harris is the President of Whipple Effect and currently is spear heading Whipple Effect’s management service at Tru Infusion where he operates as the General Manager of Cultivation.  Tru Infusion is Whipple Effect’s largest client clocking in with a 360,000 sqft campus of indoor cultivation with 5,500 lights.  He began his career in Indianapolis, IN at the management consulting firm Resultant (formerly KSMC). There he held a variety of roles including business analyst, product owner, project manager, and portfolio coordinator. With his primary focus in the Public Sector, he worked on tech and data-driven projects/initiatives with the Department of Corrections, Department of Defense, and Management Performance Hub (Indiana’s data governance body).

Ronnie’s driving passion is mentorship and helping others realize their full potential. He believes organizations should be built like communities, where each team member is treated with respect and empathy at all levels of the organization. If management’s primary focus is on the personal and professional growth of their team, the entire organization starts to flourish. With Whipple Effect’s wonderful team of scientists, cultivation experts, and managers, Ronnie is excited for his team to continue providing their clients with industry-leading knowledge, experience, and guidance to flourish in the rapidly evolving, and increasingly competitive, cannabis space. 

Ronnie Harris

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