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Ashley Lee

Partner and Lead Photographer of The CCI Book, CMO of Whipple Effect

Ashley Christine Lee was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has had a true passion for fashion and beauty all her life. While attending Ursuline Academy, Ashley began working in the entertainment industry acting, dancing, modeling, and spreading positive energy every way she could. Immediately after high school, Ashley moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to attend FIDM for visual communications. Ashley worked as a celebrity stylist after college and then decided to continue expanding her knowledge by returning to school to get 3x certified as a makeup artist.  In her makeup career, Ashley has done the cover of GQ, Vogue issues, international campaigns with Guess, an NFL Super Bowl commercial, many music videos with world renowned musicians, and a few films.  In 2019 Ashley started her company Ashleemwuah, where she works as a makeup artist, creative director, and fashion designer. Covid- 19 completely paused Ashleemwuah and led her back to the cannabis industry.   


Ashley began her journey in cannabis in 2015 working in sales, events, and marketing. During the pandemic, Ashley decided to work in cultivation doing plant work where she met Jack Whipple. Ashley became fascinated with cultivation, genetics, and the side of cannabis she wasn’t familiar with and then joined the Whipple Effect team making her the second employee.  She then used her experience from the world of fashion and entertainment to help Jack take 15,000 pictures which were then selected and used for The CCI Book.  Ashley’s background in the entertainment industry, sales, and events is what prepared her for the current role as CMO at Whipple Effect.  Ashley manages the social media for Whipple Effect and Psychonaut Genetics, plans and coordinates all events and parties, and manages all of the merchandise for both companies.

Ashley Lee

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